Preliminary Program


Sep 01 Arrival young scientists Evening get together
Sep 02 Young scientists get-to-know sessions
Arrival and evening dinner
Sep 03 Introduction to the Central Andes                                           (morning) Crustal structure and orogenic evolution
 Geophysical imaging and seismicity
Sep 03 Introduction to the Central Andes(afternoon) Central Andean arc magmatism
 Case studies
Sep 04  Arc processes and speed (morning) Arc evolution through time
 Arc processes and speed (afternoon) Arc magma systems: process and timing
Young Scientist Arc Slam (evening) topics tba
Sep 05 Mid conference field trip 1a Lascar  Field Trip
Mid conference field trip 1b Pacana  Field Trip
Sep 06 Arc fluids   (morning) Fluids from slab to fumarole
Arc ore deposits (afternoon) Epithermal gold, porphyry coppers, enigmatic magnetite deposits
Sep 07 Arc future (morning) Risks, vulnerability and migitation
Arc future  (afternoon) Wrap up session: Future arc research
Sep 08 End conference field trip 2a Pacana Field Trip
End conference field trip 2b Lascar  Field Trip

Post Field Trip 1 Arica-Parinacota (18 pers max)
9. – 15. Sept.

Post Field 2 Trip Lascar
(10 pers max)
9. – 12. Sept.

Sep 09 San Pedro-Arica Monogenetic volcanoes and faults, volcanic cordillera SE of the Atacama Basin
Sep 10 Arica Putre: Ignimbrite’s and valley evolution Overo maar, Punta Negras volcanic chain El Laco
Sep 11 Taapaca dacite dome complex, mega sanidines Climb to Lascar’s active crater, 1993 pyroclastic deposits
Sep 12 Belen Ignimbrite’s and metamorphic basement Return to San Pedro, Calama, and Antofagasta
Sep 13 Parinacota volcano evolution and debris avalanche
Sep 14 Lacua ignimbrite, Lauca sediments, Salar Borax deposits
Sep 15 Return Arica