Field Trips

There will be two one-day field trips.

We will split the SOTA7 group. Each field trip will (have to) serve about 50% of the registered SOTA attendees.


September 5 or 8

„Ignimbrites of the Altiplano-Puna Volcanic complex“

Field trip leader : Shan de Silva




September 8 or 5

„Lascar Volcano“

Field trip leader : Felipe Aguilera


We will try to accommodate your choice on which day you prefer to take which excursion. If you do not want to take second field trip on Sept. 8, please advise us early of your choice for Sept. 5.


Post-Conference field trip 1  9. – 15. Sept.

„Continental arc magmatism on thick, old and hot crust „

San Pedro – Arica-Parinacota-Arica (7 days)

Field trip leader: Gerhard Wörner

Excursion topics:

  1. Arc landscape evolution in a hyper-arid environment
  2. Taapaca and Parinacota volcano : Defining end-member magmatic regimes for stratovolcanoes in the Central Andes
  3. Lauca Ignimbrite (2.7 Ma): prime morphological marker and its world-record descent from >4500m to the Pacific Ocean.

Transport during the excursion by 4WD rental vehicles starting from San Pedro, ending in Arica.

Arica airport has connections first to Santiago de Chile, and from there international connections. Alternatively, border crossing (by taxi, 20 $) into Peru to Tacna airport (1h from Arica), from there to Lima and on internationally. As Calama, Arica does not have international connections (anymore).

Accomodation, climate and elevation: 

Overnight day 1, 2 and day 7 will be in a regular Hotel, in Arica at the coast. Day 2 through 6 we will be lodged in Putre at 3500 m elevation in simple but comfortable mountain lodges for accommodation.

Temperatures at night will be well below 0°C, maximum temperatures during the day not above 20°C with intense insolation. Elevations during the day well above 4000m. Further instructions will be provided.



Post-Conference field trip 2  9. – 12. Sept.

„Lascar, El Laco, and Volcanic Cordillera near San Pedro de Atacama“

(Field trip leader: Felipe Aguilera)

Ascent to the active crater of Lascar volcano (5592m), last eruption July 2007. Ascent to the crater starts at around 4600 m elevation. Fumarole activity and gas compositions will be discussed and samples taken at the crater.   Rare monogenetic mafic centres (Cerro Overo) and Punta Negras volcanic chain will be visited.  Ascent to the famous El Laco high-T exhalative massive magnetite deposits (some say lava flows) will be another highlight.

For more information download this PDF File: „Post conference field trip[2]“.