The last State of the Arc Meeting was held in
San Pedro de Atacama between Sept. 1-16, 2018.

For a report see here: Report

Mid-Conference Field Guide: „La Pacana“ and „Lascar“
Post-Conference Field Guide: „Arica-Taapaca-Parinacota“
Meeting Report in ELEMENTS, Feb. 2019

Continental arc magmatism on thick, old and hot crust: Geology, volcanology and petrology along a W-W transect from Arica to Volcan Taapaca and Parinacota
Sept. 9-15, 2018

SOTA („State of the Arc“) meetings are informal, open-forum scientific gatherings of between 60 and 70 researchers that are interested in all aspects of arc magmatism, arc and subduction physics and modelling, and the role of arcs in the formation and evolution of planet Earth and its continents. Informal scientific discussion is the main mode of interaction, based on selected short presentations on certain topics. Organisers strive to include a number of prospective Early Career scientists at the postdoc level as well as researchers from local institutions of the host country.

Organisation  :
Felipe Aguilera                feaguilera@ucn.cl
Shan de Silva                  desilvas@geo.oregonstate.edu
Gerhard Wörner              gwoerne@gwdg.de

Programm Committee
Felipe Aguilera             (volcanic gases CVZ)
Diana Comte                 (subduction zone seismicity)
Susan Kay                     (geochemistry and geophysics)
Shan de Silva                (silicic magmatism CVZ)
NN                                  (volcanic unrest, crustal geophysics)
Gerhard Wörner           (regional volcanology, magma systems)

Early Career Scientists Panel
(responsible for organizing one day „Early Career scientists presentations“)
Luca Caricchi       (modelling and ore deposits)
Philipp Ruprecht  (modelling and magma systems)
Lucy McGee         (U-series in volcanic systems)

Registration dead line: August 1st
Registration fees:
Standard Registration :                             800 US $
Early Career Scientist Registration:        400 US $
Accompanying persons:                          350 US $

Registration fees include:
– Ice breaker with food, drinks, and live music.
– conference facilities for 5 days, coffee breaks, and lunches (not for accompanying persons).
– Two spectacular field trips (Pacana Caldera and Lascar volcano).
– Conference dinner in Atacama desert setting with music, camp fire, food, drinks.

Arica/Parinacota post conference field trip 1 (Sep. 9 to Sep. 15)
(seven days, all included):
1000 US $ (registration here, deadline is August 1)

Lascar/Laco/Cordillera post conference field trip 2 (Sep. 9 to Sep. 12)
(three days, all included):
350 US $ (to be paid in cash at the beginning of the conference).
However, you MUST register directly via email to Felipe Aguilera :
feaguilera@ucn.cl before the deadline August 1 !

For further information on field trips see here (Field-Trips)

Preliminary Program
Please note that the conference starts in the morning of Sept. 2 with a informal gathering for the „Early Career Scientists Workshop“. For a full (first) day, they all will present and discuss their own work among themselves, but early bird visitors are welcome.
 Icebreaker reception for all participants will be on Sept. 2 at 19:00. Keynote presentations, sessions and discussions will take place on Sept. 3-4 and 6-7.

For further information see here (Preliminary Program), keynote speakers tba.

There will be two different parallel one-day excursions (Sept. 5 and 8) for all SOTA participants (including accompanying persons):
(1) Purico ignimbrite shield and La Pacana Caldera (led by Shan de Silva)
(2) Lascar Volcano (led by Felipe Aguilera) on Sept. 5.

If you have a preference for only one of the two excursions on Sept. 5 and need to leave early on Sept. 8, please let us know as soon as possible.

Early Career Scientist Support
: We will make every attempt to provide Early Career scientists from Latin American countries with travel support. If you need financial support please apply here (Travel Support).

This conference is supported financially by:


Abteilung Geochemie, Fakultät für Geowissenschaften at Universität Göttingen:

Logistic support: Campoalto Operaciones SpA