The next SOTA 7 will be held in San Pedro de Atacama between Sept. 1-16, 2018, organized by Gerhard Wörner (Univ. Göttingen), supported by Felipe Aguilera (Universidad del Norte, Antofagasta, Chile) and Shan de Silva (Oregon State University, USA) as co-organizers.

SOTA will take place over four days for scientific discussions. The exact time has not been fixed at this point, but  SOTA 7 and the excursions will fall within the time window given above.

„State of the Arc“ meetings are informal, open-forum scientific gatherings of between 60 and 70 researchers that are interested in all aspects of arc magmatism, arc and subduction physics and modelling, and the role of arcs in the formation and evolution of planet Earth and its continents. Informal scientific discussion is the main mode of interaction, based on selected short presentations on certain topics. Organisers strive to include a number of prospective young scientists at the postdoc level as well as researchers from local institutions of the host country.

This website is to inform interested participants about the schedule, venue and excursions that are planned.

The exact time of SOTA 7 within the time window given above has not been fixed at this point.